$21 Trillion Missing Biggest Story on Planet – Rob Kirby

$21 Trillion Missing Biggest Story on Planet – Rob Kirby by Greg Hunter for USA Watchdog

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says you may not be hearing much about it from the globalist controlled propaganda of the mainstream media (MSM), but the “$21 trillion in ‘missing’ U.S. federal money is still the biggest story on the planet.” Kirby contends, “It’s the biggest story ever because it explains so much of what is going on in our financial reality. . . . Lots of people in my circles talk about there being a lack of collateral, which is a lack of government bonds in the marketplace. They refer to that as a lack of collateral; yet, we see equity markets making new highs. We see Bitcoin making new highs. We’ve even seen the sleepy precious metals market get some legs and make moves upward in recent months. . . . There is no shortage of money anywhere globally, and that’s because of the $21 trillion in ‘dark money’ being fed into the system while the unwanted U.S. debt is being purchased and memory holed. . . . It’s paradoxical, but you have a lack of collateral and too many dollars.”

Kirby says, “Nobody wants to believe what is happening” with trillions of extra printed dollars sloshing around the planet, but that does not mean this will not end badly. Kirby is predicting big inflation, and even hyperinflation is coming as a result of all the digital fiat cash. Kirby says, “In a financial sense, people are going to be screwed worse than they understand. Most people cannot believe these most heinous financial crimes against humanity have already happened. . . . At some point, I see a dramatic reduction in the living standard coming to everybody in the Western world. Let’s just say it will be all countries that have their boat tied to the U.S. dollar because the dollar is being rejected now. We are seeing evidence of it with the rejection of U.S. government debt and reduced participation of U.S. government debt auctions.”

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