The Re-Election of President Trump

The Re-Election of President Trump by Rory for The Daily Coin

The new face of the democratic party is awesome – for President Trump. We are told over and over the white, middle class, suburban women that helped vote Trump into office in 2016 abandoned the Republican party in 2018. My guess is they are beginning to regret that move.

The children terrorist that are the current face of the democratic party are the single best re-election ad campaign for President Trump and the Republican party.

Ayanna Pressley is one of the four supporters of antifa and refuses to renounce violent acts by terrorist organization on American soil.

There’s not a lot that needs to be added the ilhan omar resume of racist, terrorist supporting hate spewing ungrateful disrespectful saved from a refugee camp in Somalia that refuses to renounce violent acts by antifa.

This is to say nothing of rashida tlaib, another member of the ungrateful gang of four, that not only calls everyone that disagrees with her a racist she also calls, like the other new faces of the democratic party, calls for open borders and has been silent regarding antifa violence.

Tucker Carlson took all four of these losers to task. Not only did he rip them to shreds regarding the policies they are attempting to push, Mr Carlson didn’t stop there. He pointed out the exact same thing I am pointing our here – the fact they support terrorist organizations like antifa and al-Queda.

The central figure of this mess is the Saikat Chakrabarti, AOC’s Chief of Staff, is the person responsible for the casting call that found three of the four members of the ungrateful gang. Currently, it is alleged he is under investigation for campaign finance fraud. He was the person that shuffled AOC’s campaign finances around in an attempt to hide north of $1 million.

These women make a great argument for the re-election of President Trump.

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