Nigel Farage: “Thank God We’re Leaving…” BREXIT Party Uprising

Nigel Farage: “Thank God We’re Leaving…” BREXIT Party Uprising by Rory for The Daily Coin

Mr. Farage, once again, shows why he is so respected around the world. Not only is he factually accurate, he is unafraid, unashamed to speak truth directly to the face of power. All the lying thieves are gathered round him and he stands on a solid foundation of truth and liberty, looks these criminals in the eye and calls-them-on-the-carpet!

This is what President Trumps attempts to do but, unlike Mr. Farage, President Trump doesn’t have the full support of the Congress. Unfortunately, for you and I, the bought and paid for members of Congress are too in the pocket of their owners to stand up and applaud and support the President in the MANDATES dictated by the people of this country.

The fire coming from Mr. Farage is contagious. I pray that someone in a position of power, in the United States, catches what Nigel Farage is spreading. We need a lot of this going around and lot less of the Ungrateful Gang of 4.

“Strike a blow for democracy. Strike a blow for your citizens. Do it today!”

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