Are We Living ‘The End Times’ Now? Prepare Now While We Still Can

Are We Living ‘The End Times’ Now? Prepare Now While We Still Can By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline

As We Travel Along The Razor’s Edge Towards The Future, String Of Current Events Proves We Are Living In Truly Perilous Times

With the 5 hour blackout in New York on Saturday a brief reminder of why we prefer to avoid the big cities and why we prepare for a long-term grid down scenario as many stores were shuttered, credit card payment systems rendered useless,  people were locked in little boxes called ‘elevators‘ and ‘subway cars‘ with some even taking advantage of the chaos to loot and steal, we’re going to take a look within this ANP story at many different events happening across America right now that prove we’re living in truly amazing yet perilous times as we travel along the razor’s edge towards the future.

We were motivated to write this story on ANP after receiving an email from ANP reader ‘Maria‘ who pointed out to us a number of different things happening now & all during the same time period including: the severe earthquake string in California and along the West coast and the number of global earthquakes now 3 times above normal according to this story by Michael Snyder over at the Economic Collapse Blog; hurricane season starting off with a bang down in New Orleans with deadly flooding rains now moving into the heart of America, exacerbating the still ongoing catastrophic flooding in America’s breadbasket; volcanoes also erupting all across the planet proving we’re in a time of severe Earth changes and the global tensions that have steadily been ratcheting up between numerous countries, pushing the world towards war.

And when we combine all of that with food recalls and food shortages happening already, it’s easy to see why there’s never been a better time than now to prepare with truckers, who truly are the ‘lifeblood of our nation‘ via their tireless and unending work moving food and other goods and service from coast to coast, warning of a bloodbath ahead.


So let’s waste no further time and take a look at this email from ANP reader Maria who points out so many of the different things that have been happening now across America and the world that have to make one ask, “are we witnessing asymmetrical warfare against America right now?” We’ve added source links to prove Maria’s points.

Russia has a military doctrine of “grey terror.” Before they openly go to war with a nation, they have a covert campaign to wear that nation down first. This can include things that appear to be natural, such as forest firest. And it can also be things that appear to have been done by somebody else. That would include false flag attacks.

We have been wrestling with Russia for a while now. The U.S. and Russia are on the opposite sides of Syria and Venezuela and Ukraine. At one point, it looked like we might invade Venezuela (but of course we would call it liberating the people there). Russia is firmly entrenched in Venezuela and has spent billions doing that. Russia is teamed up with Iran in both Syria and Venezuela.

On April 2, 2019 there was a huge explosion and fire at a Texas chemical plant. On May 18, 2019 there was a fire at a chlorine plant in New Jersey. On May 19, 2019 there was a large fire at a Houston chemical plant. That is a LOT of serious fires within six weeks. Could that be related to the United States versus Russia and Iran in Venezuela? And/or in Syria? If so, then was it done by Russia, or Iran, or their proxies?

In addition, China is having a trade war with us. Plus it seems that they literally want to destroy us — not just conquer us, but kill as many Americans as possible. China has its own version of HAARP, as does Russia. And according to Dave Hodges and others, there are Russian spetznaz here in America, as well as Chinese soldiers. (The solar energy farms seem to be staffed by Chinese military.)  

We have been having crazy weather that is destroying so many crops and bankrupting farmers. We know that between chemtrails and HAARP that rainfall can be influenced, and storms can be magnified. In addition, the trajectory of storms can be influenced (and maybe accurately controlled — but I don’t know for sure about that). So has this strange weather been caused by Russia because of their “grey” military doctrine? Or by China because we are in a trade war with them?

This huge storm that is hitting Louisiana right now could be financially devastating for our nation. There is more than New Orleans at stake here. The Mississippi river is already close to overflowing its levees. So what will the resulting deluge do to the Mississippi and its levees? If those levees are destroyed, then what will that do to the commerce that normally travels on the Mississippi? Again, I’m thinking about Russia’s “grey” military doctrine and China’s trade war with us. And here is another aspect of that. Will the weight of all that water coming so suddenly have an impact on the New Madrid Fault Line? And if so, could the problem be made worse by Russia and/or China’s version of HAARP?

And what about all those earthquakes in California? Is that due to Russia and/or China using their version of HAARP? If a seriously “big one” hits there, then that will have a huge economic impact on our nation, in addition to causing stress from trying to help the survivors. That sure would be demoralizing, and demoralization is one of the goals of Russia’s “grey” military doctrine.

In addition, what about the Cascadia Subduction Zone? That has also been acting up lately. And that could have serious consequences for the northern area of the West Coast. Again, is this getting HAARPed? (Russian and/or Chinese style). Maria

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