Confirmation of What We’ve Been Saying…Gold is Heading Higher

Confirmation of What We’ve Been Saying…Gold is Heading Higher by Rory for The Daily Coin

We have been one of very few people to claim 2019 as the breakout year for gold and now the signs are everywhere and people are beginning to follow our lead. I feel confident none of the so-called “journalist” / “writers” at Barron’s has ever heard of The Daily Coin or Rory. So, what? I don’t follow their work either.

What has just happened is the following…someone at Barron’s penned the snippet below and this is exactly what we have been saying and will continue saying into 2020, 2021 and 2022 – it’s on like donkey-kong! I found this at USAGold

Gold is in a new bull market — and it’s heading a lot higher

“It’s gold’s time to shine. The price of gold has gained 9.6% to $1404.30 an ounce this year, and my work projects the precious metal will move substantially higher from current levels as it starts a new bull market. The fundamentals and technicals are aligned for gold to maintain its upward trend in the coming months.”

It’s not often something like falls in your lap and I am very grateful to have taken a chance and put everything on the line back in late 2017.

We proclaimed, in December 2017, that Gold Will Move Much Higher in 2018 and while gold finished higher in 2018 than 2017. The move we are seeing in 2019 is what we were seeing as happening in 2018 so, we were slightly off, however, we are now on track for what will be an explosion going into 2020 through 2023…

What I wrote in December of 2017

To reach another annual average high of $1,670+ for 2020 any movement to the upside in between now and the end of 2018 would not only have to be sustained but it would mean continual moves to the upside all through 2019. Right? Or am I missing something with the breakdown?

We have been on record for some time and now we are beginning to hear from others. This is either confirmation of our vision or it is a warning of a massive beat-down by the bullion bankers. With all the turmoil and fresh “blood in the streets” it’s a little difficult to see the big money / smart money allowing the bullion bankers to keep these people from protecting their wealth. Remember, the people that hold physcial gold that I am referencing are the owners of people like Jeffrey Christian, Jamie Dimon and Jerome Powell. They will not stand by while the world is transitioning from the current paradigm into the coming paradigm with their pants down. It doesn’t work that way.

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