Tropical Storm Barry To Dump “Biblical Rains” On Louisiana Coast, Hurricane Warning Issued

Tropical Storm Barry To Dump “Biblical Rains” On Louisiana Coast, Hurricane Warning Issued from ZeroHedge

TDC Note – I am currently sitting on the Gulf coast about an hours drive east of the French Quarter in New Orleans. We have enjoyed our stay and had a great time while the weather has been brewing out in the Gulf since before we arrived. We will be leaving in about 24 hours and pray that it doesn’t rain along the northern trek home. We have had zero weather related issues. I will be writing about this trip in a day or so.


Around 5 pm Thur. afternoon, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) issued a new hurricane warning for parts of Louisiana coast ahead of Tropical Storm Barry’s expected landfall this weekend.


Barry transformed into a tropical storm earlier in the day on Thursday, is currently gaining momentum in the Gulf of Mexico about 85-90 miles south of the mouth of the Mississippi River, with sustained wind above 40 mph late Thursday evening. Hurricane models expected the tropical storm to traverse the northern Gulf of Mexico towards the Louisiana coast where it could make a direct hit as a Category 1 hurricane Friday night or Saturday between New Iberia and New Orleans.

“Barry formed in the northern Gulf of Mexico Thursday and will continue to slowly move toward the central Gulf Coast into the weekend. Excessive wind shear has kept the system ragged and weak so far, but as atmospheric conditions improve into the weekend, the storm may take advantage of anomalously warm ocean waters and strengthen before making landfall in Louisiana. Rainfall and flooding will be the biggest risk with this system, with some data suggesting up to two feet of rain locally in southeastern Louisiana through the weekend,” said Ed Vallee, meteorologist and owner of Empire Weather LLC.

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