Trump Abandons Plan For Census Citizenship Question, Will Get Data From Existing Records Instead

Trump Abandons Plan For Census Citizenship Question, Will Get Data From Existing Records Instead from ZeroHedge

Update 3: It’s official – Trump dropped a fight to put a citizenship question on the upcoming 2020 census, but after saying he is “pursuing another option” on the citizenship front, he ordered federal agencies to give the Commerce Department all records requested that could detail how many citizens and non-citizens live in the United States.

It was unclear if Trump changed his mind during the day, as it was reported earlier that Trump was expected to announce an executive order order that the question be asked on the census.

AG William Barr also said at a press conference that the question will not be asked on the census, acknowledging that a recent Supreme Court ruling had made doing so difficult if not impossible, and adding that he had never considered adding the question without judicial review and that he had no time to litigate the citizenship question. Instead, the order will ensure an accurate understanding of citizens in the US.

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Update 2: Now that Thursday’s social media summit has come and gone, it’s time for the day’s main event: Trump’s press conference about the citizenship question.

The latest reports suggest Trump is going to drop his efforts to get the question reinstated, and will instead focus on a workaround (more details below).

President begins at the 40:10 mark

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Update: Contrary to earlier reports claiming that Trump is planning to press ahead with plans to issue an executive order reinstating the citizenship question on the census, ABC News is now reporting that Trump is preparing to announce that he’s backing down from trying to get the citizenship question reinstated on the ballot.

The conflicting reports suggest that Trump is still vacillating at the last minute, meaning the president could change his mind by the time he takes the podium at 5 pm ET (or, more likely, some time after 5 pm ET).

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