More Proof They Lost Control Of Gold & Silver (Video)

More Proof They Lost Control Of Gold & Silver Video by Silver Doctors

Are #gold & #silver really breaking free from the price suppression? Join Mike & Half Dollar as they dive into fresh new evidence which suggests the cartel is losing control of the “markets”.

In addition to this new evidence, additional topics discussed include:

– Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s Q&A session with Congress going on today and tomorrow.

– Big changes are coming down the pike as evidenced by the recent shake-ups at major central banks and institutions around the world, including the latest developments from just yesterday.

– How safe are pension plans are retirement systems?

– What is the end game for the US dollar?

– Debunking the “1 oz of gold buys a fine suit” myth.

For discussion on those topics and a whole lot more, including addressing some comments and questions in the chat, tune-in to today’s show in its entirety.

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The Doc’s expertise and passion in finance, economics, and market history was developed over years of intense self-education. With his doctorate in the medical field, The Doc now seeks to help the common man restore his financial health by investing in physical gold and silver. Doc has been long gold and silver since 2001, when he entered gold at $278 and silver at $4.75. Even after seeing silver hit a 10-bagger from his initial investment in early 2011, The Doc remains a stronger silver bull than ever. He is the lead commentator on providing insight on market breaking precious metal news.