Ilhan Omar: Ungrateful America Hater – Global Warming: Debunked, Again

Ilhan Omar: Ungrateful America Hater – Global Warming: Debunked, Again by Rory for The Daily Coin

Watch this one quick as Tucker unleashes the hounds, especially towards the end. The gloves come off and he begins naming names and pointing fingers.

Rep Jim Jordan (R) Ohio comes on to discuss the “census question” which is non question. It is merely the latest batch of nonsense being spewed by the group of emotionally unstable people that happen to be in Washington DC

Victor Davis Hansen, personal favorite is on to discuss illegal immigration – border jumpers flooding our nation

Remembering Ross Perot – his ideas not only don’t sound crazy, those old enough to remember can now see how the liberal media was working in concert with the DNC during the time Mr. Perot was running for President – his vision was astonishingly clear. It was us that couldn’t see.

The segment of the night – Aaron Mate – WOW! This nugget leaves Tucker Carlson in awe of the information presented. It is mind blowing and even Tucker Carlson says the members of Congress that will be questioning Mueller need to see this segment – it is mind blowing

Of course Tucker has on the nightly liberal, tonight is Ethan Berman to discuss the painting being removed from a school in California. The whole thing is disgusting in my opinion.

Global warming is once again debunked by actual science – whoda thought!! Tammy Bruce and an actual meteorologist are on to discuss why flooding happened in Washington DC on Monday and Tuesday.

The show ends with a segment about the ungrateful, illegal muslim terrorist currently occupying a seat in the House, Ilhan Omar. This is your moment of rage segment. If only there a group of people with the authority to remove her from office and deport her….where would we find these people? Oh, that’s right – down the hall from Omar’s office.

[Editor’s Note – YT removed the video. As soon as I can locate a new upload I will add it.]

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