Deutsche Bank Is CRASHING! – MASS LAYOFFS As Bank FAILS To Stay Afloat (Video)

Deutsche Bank Is CRASHING! – MASS LAYOFFS As Bank FAILS To Stay Afloat Video by WAM

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the fall of Deutsche Bank as the bank calls for the layoffs of 18,000 employees as it creates a bad bank and its share prices continue to crash.

Previously last year they called for 1,000 layoffs followed by 10,000 layoffs. Now that they are calling for 18,000 it is clear their attempt at restructuring is failing terribly.

Along with failed attempts to merge with Commerzbank, being downgraded by the S&P, having to redo their living will test, being officially demoted to a “small lender,” having a 45 trillion dollar derivative exposure, constantly switching out CEOs, being caught up in the Danske Bank scandal, repeatedly getting caught spoofing markets like gold and silver, etc. There is no doubt this bank, once one of the top banks in the world is going down.

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We once again break down the latest and try to put it in perspective for the viewer in a way that can be easily understood.
This will not end well. It will be the Lehman Brothers 2.0. It will be the domino to fall that will collapse the global financial markets.

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