Judge Rebukes Key Mueller Report ‘Russian Interference’ Claim – Questions Emerge As To Whether Russia Actually ‘Meddled’ At All

Judge Rebukes Key Mueller Report ‘Russian Interference’ Claim – Questions Emerge As To Whether Russia Actually ‘Meddled’ At All By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

The claim is that “Russia meddled” in the 2016 presidential election in two distinct ways: 1) By hacking Clinton campaign and DNC emails and releasing them to Wikileaks, who then published them, and; 2) That “Russia” bought social media ads, many of which had nothing to do with the elections, in order to “sow discord” among Americans and get candidate Trump elected.

Background: In a January 2017 DNI report titled “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections,”  with the input of the CIA, then headed by John Brennan, and the FBI, headed by James Comey, with information gleaned from the NSA, and issued by the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, claimed those agencies had “high confidence” that “Russia’s” attempted to interfere in the 2016 election with the intent of helping Donald Trump win the election.

Despite dozens of reports to the contrary, which were updated and “corrected” at a much later date, all 17 intelligence agencies were not represented in the report, only information from the three named above, and the report produced by the of of the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

An example of one of those corrections by the mainstream media, via Free Beacon, of the Associated Press correction posted on four different stories incorrectly claiming 17 intel agencies concurred, shown below:

In stories published April 6, June 2, June 26 and June 29, The Associated Press reported that all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies have agreed that Russia tried to influence the 2016 election to benefit Donald Trump. That assessment was based on information collected by three agencies – the FBI, CIA and National Security Agency – and published by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which represents all U.S. intelligence agencies. Not all 17 intelligence agencies were involved in reaching the assessment.

At the time the report was issued, many questions ensued that were never answered. For example, why did only those specific four agencies have input, but more importantly, why did the report begin by informing the public that while they were offering their “conclusions,” and assessment, the “report does not and cannot include the full supporting information?”

Since January 2017 when the report was released, a number of very relevant facts have emerged, along with a recent rebuke by a federal judge of a key finding in the Mueller report, which was then repeated by Attorney General William Barr after the release of the Mueller report, which brings up the very real possibility that Russia, as a government, may not have even interfered, meddled, call it whatever you want, at all.


The “supporting information” that the DNI report refused to reveal to the public…. information they used to conclude that Russia hacked into the DNC computers and parts of the Clinton campaign with the Podesta emails that were released by Wikileaks, did not come from government investigators, it came from a private company called CrowdStrike that the DNC hired independently, and who told the U.S. intelligence community that it was “Russia.”

Everything listed below is publicly available information and has been reported on, but the information has been spread out over the course of the past three years, so they appeared as “separate” issues, but when seen together, a picture emerges that justifies questioning the official narrative that the media has been pushing for years.

The DNC refused to allow the U.S. Intelligence community access to the servers that were “hacked.” 

This was widely reported on by sources such as The Hill (Comey: DNC denied FBI’s requests for access to hacked servers), CNN (FBI says DNC rebuffed request to examine computer servers), Wired (FBI Says the Democratic Party Wouldn’t Let Agents See the Hacked), CBS News (FBI Director Comey: Agency requested access to DNC servers), and many others.

The DNC claimed at first the FBI never asked to see the server, so even they admit that no one in the Intelligence community independently verified that the DNC server was “hacked” at all.

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FBI only saw ‘draft’ CrowdStrike report with redactions 

In a DOJ response to a court filing by Roger Stone, they admitted in a footnote, that the reports provided to the FBI were marked “draft” and the DNC and the DCCC “informed the government that they are the last version of the report produced.”

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