Insanely bullish for gold

Insanely bullish for gold by James Davis for Future Money Trends

This is a critical update from one of the best financial commentators I know, a good friend of ours, Mr. James Davis of, and we’re excited to share this one with you!

The melt-up in stocks and gold is on… And for gold investors, it’s going to be a spectacular move over the next 12 months.

The President’s tweet last week is insanely bullish for the precious metals.

We all know the President watches the stock market like a hawk and is fully supportive of ANYTHING that will help it go up.

The melt-up is on! The Dow is headed to 35,000 by the end of 2020 and is probably headed north of 50,000 before the music stops and we all end up living in a spin-off version of The Walking Dead.

Go long physical gold for protection, but that’s it. Invest 5 to 10% of your net worth maximum, in my opinion.

The real wealth gains will be in silver and the mining shares that will outgain the metals 10-to-1, maybe 25-to-1 realistically, and for some, 100-to-1 vs. the metal.

I’ve said this to gold bugs before and they hate it, but it’s true: if gold goes to $2,500, it’s not life-changing at all, it’s just a double.

However, if gold goes to even $1,800, the gold stocks are going to see returns in the 500 to 1,000% range easily.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

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