US Activist Linda Sarsour Claims Jesus Was ‘Palestinian of Nazareth’, Sparks Internet Frenzy

US Activist Linda Sarsour Claims Jesus Was ‘Palestinian of Nazareth’, Sparks Internet Frenzy from Sputnik News

TDC Note – Just so we’re clear about something. This woman should be deported and stripped of citizenship. What I believe is anything she says comes directly from the enemy, not a human enemy but the enemy of humanity. She is not an “activist”. On a really good day, she would be closer to something far more criminal.


The historicity of Jesus Christ, let alone his nationality, still remains a debatable issue. Most people argue, citing the Biblical account, that the messiah was Jewish, but some disagree.

Linda Sarsour, one of the most prominent Muslim political advocates in the United States, has suggested that Jesus Christ was “Palestinian of Nazareth”, sparking a historic online debate with political overtones.

The Palestinian-American activist apparently invoked Hadith, the record of traditions and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, where Jesus is described as a brown-skinned man with long hair.

In a series of tweets that followed, she went on to refer to ‘Jesus of Bethlehem’ to back up her claim that Jesus was a Palestinian. Bethlehem, the city where the Bible says Jesus was born, is in the West Bank; Nazareth, his “childhood home” is in Israeli territory.

She did not deny, though, that Jesus was a Jew.

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