The Only Way to Get Rich

The Only Way to Get Rich

We Bring You This Critical Alert, Contributed By Future Money Trends Author James Davis, Who I regard as an expert on investing in these critical times.


A Commitment to Being Exceptional

Dear Reader,

Whether you say you can or can’t, I believe you, because that is how important your own belief level is when it comes to your own life success.

If you’re not a millionaire in this economy, the odds are you are struggling.

Let’s face it: life’s expensive. I can’t even go to Costco without spending $500, and my family isn’t even buying junk – we’re buying organic foods, wine, and fresh fish. Being healthy costs money these days because if you’re not paying for good health, the alternative is foods wrapped in chemicals, acidic water, and radiated meats.

Let me tell you a story. In the year 1987, I had crossed the million-dollar mark for the first time. Still in my 20s, I celebrated this. And within 3 years, my wife and I were down to our last $25,000. After having made hundreds of thousands of dollars, we made large bets that all crashed and burned.

I wish I could say I created a master plan or designed my future and then implemented it, but the truth is I just went all-in with my passion (investing) and connected the dots looking backwards.

I joined this letter as result of my own experience in being afraid of becoming poor, I wanted to help teach people how to become wealthy.

More than a stock picking letter, is a personal finance letter for the new economy.

For us, Dave Ramsey’s advice is great on debt but suicidal on investing. Peter Schiff’s advice is great on the economy but extremely risky by investing with foreign currency. Americans needed an alternative, personal finance source that understood the dire situation the economy is in but provided investment alternatives to match a real generational paradigm shift.

The end result is what you are reading now: Weekly Wealth Digest published every week, interviews with top investors and business builders, and a relentless focus on surrounding ourselves with income ideas and high-quality people.

In the end, becoming financially free is about making the choice and staying committed to your own freedom.

Legend has it that upon invading a new frontier, Vikings would burn their own ships. The idea was that that this would guarantee victory by committing the soldiers to conquering the territory.

It’s possible the Vikings knew how the mind works, as humans instinctively seek safe harbor in difficult situations. 

Many of us today are all too familiar with an opportunity or massive gain in an investment that we missed out on because we simply lacked the commitment.

More than anything, I want members to share in the fun of creating wealth.

In life, you are going to have to make some strategic commitments, because the decisions you make right now will affect the outcome of the rest of your life.

Becoming wealthy is a choice, pure and simple.

If you commit right now to making wealth generation a priority, I have no doubt that you can ultimately live whatever kind of life you want.

But being wealthy can’t be a backup plan or a retirement destination.

You’re either going to do this or you’re not.

I believe you are because you’re reading this letter.


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