Border Crisis Defined – “Because of Trump It Was A Crisis”

Border Crisis Defined – “Because of Trump It Was A Crisis”

For the past thirty years our nation has been steadily invaded by border jumpers, people over-staying their visas and simply coming here with the intended purpose of never leaving. Why would you leave? Free everything with no proof necessary to say you are a citizen, you are unemployed or you deserve tax payer assisted living. Nothing. Simply show up, sign up and eat up.

And for something completely different…. but almost the same.

Some of the useful idiots that make up antifa terrorist organization, Portland, Or division. This useful idiots obviously have never once read history and have never once they considered why they are allowed to destroy downtown Portland or Berkley, CA or any other location where their destruction is tolerated. They have never once looked at what happened to other useful idiots in history and how things changed once their usefulness was all used up. Well, it never ends well for them but, of course, the latest batch of useful idiots are like their predecessors and knew nothing about what happened before either.

Let’s not forget the tide is turning. Ted Cruz, (R) TX, has called for an investigation into the reasoning of the Mayor of Portland, OR ordering his police to stand-down as people are attacked. Even if nothing comes from the investigation, which there should be plenty to investigate and multiple situations, this will be a signal to other criminal Mayors around the country that this type of jackboot tyranny will no longer be tolerated.

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