More Censorship As Gang of 535 Sits On Their Hands

More Censorship As Gang of 535 Sits On Their Hands CHRIS WHITE TECH REPORTER for Daily Caller

TDC Note – How much more censorship will be acceptable from these techno-fascist before the Gang of 535 in Washington DC sees them as they threat they actually represent?


Twitter announced Thursday the company will begin labeling and down ranking politicians’ most vitriolic tweets, a move that could affect how President Donald Trump promotes his message.

The new label applies to all verified political candidates and officials with more than 100,000 followers, Twitter noted in a blog post. Users who want to view flagged content must click on a screen that says Twitter’s rules against abusive behavior apply to the tweet.

Algorithms will then begin deprioritizing labeled tweets, the company said. Such de-rankings would inevitably result in fewer people seeing content with the new label. The new change will go into effect immediately and will not affect other leaders or accounts with broad influence.

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