Surviving Summer Heat Without Air Conditioning

Surviving Summer Heat Without Air Conditioning by: Off The Grid News

When faced with the task of surviving summer heat, maintaining an ideal body temperature is one of our highest priorities. If we look at the “rule of 3s” it’s right there at the top. Our ability to survive without maintaining our core temperature is measured in mere minutes. But when we talk about maintaining our core temperature, we’re normally talking about preventing hypothermia, the loss of body heat.

Hyperthermia, which involves excessive body heat, is just as serious a problem even though it doesn’t get as much press. For those living in hot climates, this is an ongoing battle every summer, especially if they have to work outdoors. As the temperature goes up, the body’s ability to shed excess heat diminishes, creating a situation that can be quite dangerous.

The symptoms of hypothermia and hyperthermia are similar, particularly in how they affect the brain. While you won’t find people shivering from too much body heat, you will find disorientation, weakness, and the loss of the ability to think clearly. As their body temperature rises, they could stop sweating entirely, thereby eliminating that means of cooling their bodies. You’ll even find people who can’t recognize what is happening to them.

Dealing with hyperthermia is serious, but it is certainly still avoidable. A few basic precautions will allow you to work outdoors in the heat without suffering any harm.

Surviving Summer Heat – Tip #1: Take Advantage Of Shade

Anyone who lives in a hot climate understands the true value of shade. It can actually be 5 to 10 degrees cooler in the shade with the right conditions. But more than that, the shade keeps the sunlight from beating down directly on your body and clothing, where it converts to heat. Much of that heat is absorbed directly into your body.

If you don’t have natural shade to work under, create some. If nothing else, use an umbrella, either the portable kind that people use to protect themselves from the rain or the larger ones they use to provide themselves with shade on the beach. Portable, tent-type awnings are even better, giving you an easy way to shade an area that remains big enough to work under.

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