Foreign Sleeper Cells Here – Waiting For Their “Go Orders”

Foreign Sleeper Cells Here – Waiting For Their “Go Orders” by Ken Jorgustin for Modern Survival Blog

Are there foreign sleeper cells here in the United States, waiting for their “GO orders”?

The following is a comment from Dennis here on the blog:

I firmly believe that Iran, in conjunction with it’s network of terrorist groups scattered around the globe, have been busy quietly infiltrating and organizing cells inside our borders.

I feel quite certain they are armed, equipped, and well trained, just waiting for the “go order”. A strike on Iran will most certainly be reciprocated by a series of domestic attacks here. If they are fully activated, I feel they will create a pretty big mess.

Wouldn’t affect me and mine directly (unless they get lost), but will affect population centers and infrastructure.

Will war, limited or all out, directly affect us at home? Yep, no doubt, our open borders have assured that. No doubt in my mind that well trained, equipped terrorists walk among us.

What’s your opinion?

Here’s my opinion:

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection statistics, total Southwest Border apprehensions so far this year (stats through May, 2019) are 593,507. That’s more than half a million in 5 months.

Terrorist Sleeper Cells in United States?

Most are released into the country to await their hearings in immigration court. The courts are so backlogged that it takes months or years for cases to be decided. Reports indicate that most people never show up for court at all.

It is illogical to presume that there are NOT “armed, equipped, and well trained” individuals and groups who cross our borders. Essentially we have open borders. Why would any potential enemy NOT infiltrate into our country and ‘set up shop’?

Just look at how many drug dealers and gangs cross the border and ‘vanish’ into our country. You think a terrorist couldn’t do it?

If there are about 1 million illegal border crossings a year, what percentage might be ‘bad people’? It’s fairly well documented that about 3% of people in general are sociopaths. So of that group of 30,000 how many might be ‘really bad’? (just as an example to wrap your head around it)

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