$20 Silver BLOWS-UP The Banks Before The End Of 2019! | Harvey Organ (Video)


$20 Silver BLOWS-UP The Banks Before The End Of 2019! | Harvey Organ Video by Silver Doctors

TDC Note – India is importing silver for their solar projects that are on par with China – upwards of 300 million homes. Lots of need for silver. The project should be wrapping up in 2020 / 2021. China’s project is already winding down, ahead of schedule. We reported on all this in 2015 / 2016 with Jeff Brown, China Rising.

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During this interview,

– Comments on recent gold & silver price moves.
– Discussion on current state of gold & silver markets.
– $20 silver blows-up the banking system.
– Gold quickly to $2,000, then reset to $10,000 per ounce.
– COMEX & LBMA breaking…game’s over.
– When does this all happen?

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