Gold: Moved Up $35 and Moving Higher?

Gold: Moved Up $35 and Moving Higher? by Rory – The Daily Coin

UPDATED: 6:37am EST – Below is a static chart that shows a slight “wiggle” just after Hong Kong closed. If it were a little more pronounced it would be clear, just as we saw last Friday when we rightly called a beat down – “UPDATED II: Are Gold and Silver About To Get Hammered?“. We watched the charts all day and throughout the day we explained what was about the happen and then it all came into view. By the end of the day the chart was as ugly as could be made and both metals, as we predicted, closed below the Thursday number.

Not sure, based on what the charts below are saying, that we will see the severe beat down like we saw last Friday. It seems the bulls are not going to stand down – they can most certainly be overwhelmed, as they often are, but I’m not sure it serves the cabal’s interest at this moment with everything that’s going on around the world and the Fed coming out yesterday reversing their stance.

I like what I see in silver and this should get people excited and we should see people moving into the physical markets today and over the weekend, especially if this latest jump holds. Gold moving up by $35+ over the course of a few hours always gets everyone’s attention and since the silver bugs are so price sensitive a $0.35 move to the upside has their attention as well.

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Here’s Jason Burack for Wall St for Main St explaining what the Fed yesterday that has made all this movement possible

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Was this part of Trumps 5D chess game or simply a reaction by the gold traders based on the Fed throwing fresh meat in the pit on Wednesday?

Both metals launched the moment Fed Chairman Powell opened his mouth around 2:30pm EST time on Wednesday June 19, 2019. Both metals took a break in the late day and early evening but as soon as the Hong Kong market opened the metals were off to the races.

These are static images grabbed at 11:24 EST and as you can see there was the original jolt at 2:30pm Powell spoke, then the second blast going into the close of the day and then, WOW!, Hong Kong was waiting!

It will be interesting to see what happens around 2:30am EST just before London opens and then again immediately after London opens – two of the cabals favorite times to hit the charts and beat the metal into submission.

The charts below are live and will continue to evolve. This will allow us to see all the overnight action. When I awaken I will update after seeing where the bankers have stepped in or if the traders are moving the market the moment. Not sure the bankers will be able to beat all the gains out of charts before the close on Friday evening. If the charts stay strong throughout Friday Sunday evening could well be a the beginning of the second half of 2019. Currently, we approximately $40-$45 into what I have been saying will be north of $100 move for 2019.

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