Union Vote Defeated Again, UAW Tries to Gain Foothold in Southern US (Video)

Union Vote Defeated Again, UAW Tries to Gain Foothold in Southern US Video by Subverse

TDC Note – Tennessee is a “right to work” or better stated, a right to fire you for any reason state, but it works to the employees advantage, as long as you’re a decent human being and doing the job you were hired to do. Anyway, unions have failed miserably here my whole life. The only successful unions have been imported, few that have risen from within.


Auto Workers in Chattanooga’s Volkswagen plant recently voted on whether or not they should unionize beneath the United Auto Workers. The results were in and the plant decided not to form a union. Zach Roberts and Mike Elk went on the ground to get the perspective of the factory workers and the impact this vote has on them.

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