Whistleblower Documents Censorship Of Christians, Bible Verses, And Pro-Life Group At Pinterest, While YouTube And Twitter Try To Kill The Story

Whistleblower Documents Censorship Of Christians, Bible Verses, And Pro-Life Group At Pinterest, While YouTube And Twitter Try To Kill The Story By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

In January 2018, Project Veritas shined a bright light on Twitter, showing their own engineers and former employees admitting to shadow banning and targeting and labeling those that spoke of God, guns or America First, so we know that despite claims to the contrary by big tech, there is a pattern of censorship.

We have noted and documented the type of censorship from social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, along with the censorship practices of Google and YouTube, but now we see by another Project Veritas project that this anti-Christian, anti-conservative, far left liberal mindset hasn’t just infected big tech, but apparently it is a disease that runs rampant throughout Silicon Valley.


On June 11, 2019, Project Veritas exposed the social media platform Pinterest, via a whistleblower, for placing the largest pro-life group, Live Action Org, onto a “porn domain blacklist,” and phrases like “bible verses” and “Christian Easter” on a “sensitive terms list.”

They published six sets of document packets on their website and spoke with the whistleblower on camera. Those documents included “product code, Slack messages, and internal policies, reveal terms and websites that Pinterest apparently censors,” as reported in the lengthy and informative article over at Project Veritas.


You can see more documents and the video over at Project Veritas, because exposing Pinterest kicked off a series of events which shows that Silicon Valley has given up on subtly, now that they are being investigated on anti-trust issues by the U.S. government, and have evidently decided to blatantly do as much damage to conservatives, people of faith and anti-war pundits, as possible before they can be stopped.


Pinterest: The whistleblower was suspended and escorted out of the Pinterest building the day the Project Veritas video was published. According to the updates on the Project Veritas article, once exposed Pinterest removed Live Action Org from the “Porn Domain Blacklist.” As of the second update, “LiveAction’s Pinterest Account has been permanently suspended.”

YouTube: Google’s video platform YouTube pulled the Project Veritas video of their investigative report. In the video below, James O’Keefe explains why they pulled the video. YouTube demanded that a specific portion of the video be blurred or removed due to third party privacy. As O’Keefe highlights that portion YouTube wanted removed was the document below showing who added LiveAction to the “Porn Domain Blacklist.”


Then YouTube decided to censor a video created by Independent Journalist Tim Pool which analysed and discussed Project Veritas’ exposing Pinterests censorship.

Independent journalist Tim Pool posted a video on YouTube highlighting a Project Veritas report citing a Pinterest insider revealing specific targeting of Christian and pro-life content on the platform.

In addition to showing that Live Action had been censored, the Veritas report also showed that terms such as “bible verses” had been placed on a “sensitive” list.

Pool’s video was removed from YouTube, and he said he was given no explanation.

“Youtube has removed my video on Censorship at Pinterest without notifying me or explaining what happened. I have no opportunity to appeal,” Pool wrote on Twitter.

Yes, they censored Pool’s video on censorship. Pool had to upload his work on BitChute because of YouTube’s ham-handed handling of this entire fiasco.

YouTube wasn’t finished though, because next YouTube then decided that simply interviewing O’Keefe on the breaking Pinterest story was a “privacy violation,” as pointed out by Steven Crowder, who recently had his entire channel demonetized by YouTube because some Latino gay writer at Vox Media whined relentlessly that Crowder hurt his feelings.”

Crowder tweeted to O’Keefe “Wow. Hey, @JamesOKeefeIII! Looks like youtube is claiming that even having you on to COVER the Pinterest scandal is a “privacy violation.”

Crowder also provided a screen shot of his YouTube notification.

(Click image to enlarge – opens in new tab/window)

Project Veritas responded to the Crowder tweet by stating “So we can’t even talk about censorship or our @Pinterest investigation? So far @YouTube has removed coverage of our Pinterest story from @Timcast, @scrowder, and our own channel! The “powers that be” don’t want @Eric_Cochran’s story to be heard. It’s becoming quite clear.”

Twitter: In the midst of all that, Twitter then jumped into the fray by temporarily suspending the Project Veritas Twitter account from posting and internal communications, as explained by James O’Keefe using his personal Twitter account.

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