We Just Took A Dramatic Turn Toward Political Collapse, Could There Be A Second Civil War? (Video)

We Just Took A Dramatic Turn Toward Political Collapse, Could There Be A Second Civil War? Video by Tim Pool

We Just Took A Dramatic Turn Toward Political Collapse. Many people have been saying that there will be come kind of escalating conflict between left and right, a second civil war, or however you want to describe it.

Eric Weinstein, of intellectual dark web fame, recently tweeted a thread about how he feels the political world is coming apart and he won’t make the same error of 2008 when the financial system took a massive hit.

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It seems with the dramatic escalation of censorship over the past few weeks and years we are dividing our society in two and that can only lead to one path. The far left social justice activists against the those who oppose them. The “right wing” seems to be a mix of varying ideologies and politics with libertarians, liberals, and conservatives mostly agreeing in their opposition to the regressive left. But the far left activists use powerful institutions to command power and silence opposition under the guise of social justice. Conservatives face bias on social platforms and a double standard in left wing media.

If this continues than I think some kind of conflict is guaranteed, though what form it will take I am unsure of. We may already be in it.


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