Democrat Ilhan Omar Violated Campaign Laws, Accused Of Tax Fraud (Video)

Democrat Ilhan Omar Violated Campaign Laws, Accused Of Tax Fraud (Video) by Tim Pool

Democrat Ilhan Omar Accused Of Tax Fraud, Violated Campaign Laws. According to the AP the far left congresswoman Ilhan Omar wrongly filed a joint tax return for her and a man she was not married to and was required to pay a penalty. Many conservatives and people on the right have called this out as tax fraud but it likely won’t go beyond paying the fine. But beyond the issue of her unusual marriages is campaign finance violations.

Ilhan Omar, according to the Star Tribune, violated Minnesota campaign finance laws eight times resulting in heavy fines. This is just another controversy for the progressive congresswoman who has been accused of saying things considered very offensive to the Jewish community.

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Along with this story is the interesting, yet unconfirmed, Twitter thread showing that Ilhan’s PR people are trying to quash the negative news and pressuring local journalists into dropping the story. According to an unconfirmed leaked email Ilhan’s PR people have successfully lobbied Star Tribune into dropping stories before.

How this will play out in 2020 for the Democrats and Republicans will be interesting. Even the Star Tribune’s Editorial Board is slamming Omar over her repeated controversies.

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