Tucker Carlson Tonight 6/12/19 (Video)

Tucker Carlson Tonight 6/12/19 Video by Fox News

Two interesting segments first is the update on the deaths in the Dominican Republic (DR). There is something to this situation, it’s just not clear exactly what it is. One thing is clear – it is nefarious what ever it is. People don’t just drop dead after having a cocktail with a world famous baseball player being shot and almost killed a block away from where this investigation is happening. The producer or producers assistant was robbed just after they arrived so, there is some muck to wade through and, of course, Tucker’s Team are the only ones that have even noticed.

The second segment, which is an extended one, begins immediately after the report on the DR. There is a short segment about homosexual / transgender soldiers that goes into the abortion issue and a doctors right to perform an abortion or not perform an abortion. This is a great segment that leads into Tech Tyranny and this is where it gets very interesting and Eric Cochran enters the conversation. You really want to watch from just past the 15:00 mark through the 28:00 mark – TV worth watching.

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