Pope: God Will Destroy ‘Walls’ Between Nations

Pope: God Will Destroy ‘Walls’ Between Nations by Thomas D Williams, Ph. D. for Breitbart

TDC Note – The satanic globalist pope-on-dope can’t seem to keep his c**k-holder closed. The image above is of the wall surrounding the Vatican. We can only pray that God starts with the wall that separates the pedophiles from justice and mans-law before He knocks down border walls.


Pope Francis said Thursday that walls between nations cannot endure because in the end God will tear them down.

“We can build any number of walls and close our doors in the vain effort to feel secure in our wealth, at the expense of those left outside. It will not be that way for ever,” the pope said in his message for the third annual World Day for the Poor.

“The ‘day of the Lord,’ as described by the prophets, will destroy the barriers created between nations and replace the arrogance of the few with the solidarity of many,” Francis said.

“The marginalization painfully experienced by millions of persons cannot go on for long. Their cry is growing louder and embraces the entire earth,” he said, adding that “the poor are a powder keg. If it is set on fire, the world will explode.”

In his message, the pope focused particularly on what he sees as a growing disparity between the wealthy and the poor.

“The inequitable distribution of wealth created a significant number of poor people, whose condition appeared all the more dramatic in comparison with the wealth attained by a privileged few,” he wrote, in reference to the period when the biblical psalms were composed.

“The economic crisis has not prevented large groups of people from accumulating fortunes that often appear all the more incongruous when, in the streets of our cities, we daily encounter great numbers of the poor who lack the bare necessities of life and are at times harassed and exploited,” he said.

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