Korybko To Iranian Media: “Now’s The Time To Build The Golden Ring!”

Korybko To Iranian Media: “Now’s The Time To Build The Golden Ring!” by Andrew Korybko for EurAsia Future

Andrew Korybko gave an extended interview to the newspaper “Farheekhtegan” about the US’ Hybrid War on Iran, specifically emphasizing the urgent need for the Islamic Republic to prioritize the creation of the Golden Ring of Multipolar Great Powers as the most realistic form of sanctions relief under these increasingly difficult conditions.

  1. How can regional countries help alleviate the sanctions pressure on Iran?

The best option for Iran is to immediately intensify relations with all of its neighbors, specifically Russia, Turkey, Iraq, and Pakistan, but with a view to multilateralizing them through the same integrational platform. The most realistic starting point would be to revive the Old Cold War-era CENTO but in a multipolar economic format and expand it to include Russia as an obvious replacement for the UK. The larger vision to be pursued should be the Golden Ring of Multipolar Great Powersbetween Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, and China, with an emphasis on the first three mentioned Muslim countries plus Iraq in order to establish a belt of stability along the South Eurasian Rimland. There are obvious limits to how far and fast these interconnected structures can develop given the vulnerability that certain members may have to the US’ sanctions pressure, but it should nevertheless be urgently prioritized by Iran as soon as possible.

  1. How likely is it that the US will attack Iran?

Trump has mastered the so-called “madman theory” of feigning craziness for calculated strategic purposes similar to what Nixon did during the Old Cold War but in a much more believable way given his reality TV and social media experience. While a war by miscalculation or one provoked by rogue “deep state” factions through false flags can never be fully discounted, it looks unlikely that such a scenario will transpire. Instead, Trump is resorting to bombastic threats in order to scare his country’s regional vassal states into buying more American arms, as well as manipulatively make other ones elsewhere in Eurasia believe that the US will staunchly support them against Russia and China too when the time is right.

  1. How does the Trump Administration’s use of economic pressure differ from its predecessors’ weaponization of political and humanitarian issues?

Trump’s use of sanctions as his administration’s premier Hybrid War weapon is actually much more effective than anything that his predecessors wielded because it fully exploits America’s role as the world’s most important economy and the fact that the dollar is still by far the world’s top reserve currency. Simply put, while sanctions might not have that direct of an impact on countries largely disconnected from the American-run global economy, their real value is in getting others to comply with them through the threat of so-called “secondary sanctions” aimed at punishing those who defy its primary ones.

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