Damion Lupo: The Qualified Retirement Plan (QRP)

Damion Lupo: The Qualified Retirement Plan (QRP) by Adam Taggart for Peak Prosperity

An option for direct ownership of real assets using your retirement savings

The growing retirement continues to be a major focus here at PeakProsperity.com.

Our recent podcast with Ted Siedle exposed the shocking insolvency of many pension funds. And on the private retirement account side, we’ve written numerous articles revealing the failure to save of tens of millions of Baby Boomers.

In today’s podcast, Chris interviews Damion Lupo who shines light on a potential option that may add useful value to folks planning for, or already in, retirement: the Qualified Retirement Plan, or “QRP”.

The QRP is a vehicle that enables you to have direct control over your retirement savings, vs having to rely on a custodian — who usually drastically limits your options while taking an annual fee. Among other benefits, it enables you to directly purchase ‘alternative’ assets such as precious metals, real estate, businesses and private equity with your retirement funds:

Right now, there’s $25 trillion, with a “T”, 25 trillion dollars’ worth of assets inside retirement plans, and most of that’s in a very limited range of mutual funds.

For most people, their 401K or IRA, and is an afterthought. They simply hope it goes up over time and hope Wall Street didn’t rape and pillage them, which it does. They have very little real control over these funds.

The data shows that when many of these folks hit retirement age they don’t have a whole lot of money there.

QRP stands for “Qualified Retirement Plan”. And really, it’s a type of 401K that gives you control of your money.

It’s a way for you to control some or all of your assets in a retirement actually and do things with your money that are really more interesting, I think, like real estate or physical gold or private equity or business, land in Belize or Panama. It gives you a much broader range of options that start to put you in the driver’s seat so that you’re not subject to the corruption and manipulation of the big money-management institutions.

The reason you haven’t heard of it is because Wall Street doesn’t make any money on this type of account. They don’t control your assets; you do. That’s really good for you, but it’s very bad for them, so they’re never going to promote it.

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