Who Rules the World? Bilderberg 2019 and the Global Power Elite

Who Rules the World? Bilderberg 2019 and the Global Power Elite By Michael Welch, Dan Dicks, and Peter Phillips for Global Research

We are at a crossroads. And the roads we take from here will determine the very future of humanity. We have to wake up to the true objectives and actions of the Bilderberg Group and its parallel kin if we hope to retain the freedoms fought for by our grandfathers in World War II.”– Daniel Estulin, from the introduction of The True Story of the Bilderberg Group (2005) [1]


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The most wealthy and powerful individuals on the planet have mutual concerns and in spite of rhetoric about competition in the marketplace, these ruling elites have class interests in common and meet together through secretive unaccountable non- governmental groups to decide the policies that will advance their aims, potentially at the expense of the bulk of humanity.

Some of these groupings go by names like the Trilateral Commission, the Group of 30, the Systemic Risk Council, The Council on Foreign Relations, and the Bilderberg Group.

Bilderberg, in particular has evoked considerable intrigue in recent years, especially since the publication of Daniel Estulin’s 2005 book: The True Story of the Bilderberg Group . Estulin’s account reveals a network of the world’s most powerful people, comprising heads of state, leaders of industry and finance, military brass, European royalty, and select media figures, mostly men from North America and Western Europe, who engage each other annually, in person and in secret, in remote locations around the globe. No media coverage is allowed, no meeting minutes released to the public. Nevertheless, the policy decisions fleshed out through these meetings are passed on to governments who align their policies with these global elites, regardless of their partisan political affiliation.

So for example, in 1991, then Arkansas governor and aspiring US Presidential candidate Bill Clintonattended that year’s Bilderberg conference where he connected with tycoon David Rockefeller and was told that the North American Free Trade Agreement was a Bilderberg priority. Within a year of his inauguration, Clinton signed on to NAFTA.

The first Bilderberg meeting took place in Oosterbeek Netherlands, where prominent elites supposedly debated the future of the world.

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