Robert Kiyosaki: We Are In A DEPRESSION! – The Bubble Will BURST (Video)

Robert Kiyosaki: We Are In A DEPRESSION! – The Bubble Will BURST Video by World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen talk with the legendary Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad among countless other best selling books as well as his most recent, “Fake”.

Kiyosaki has some of the best insight into the world of personal finance and as he’s recently exposed in his book “Fake”, we live in a world where some of the most important facets of society are completely fake. Most importantly is the fake monetary system where the Federal Reserve prints vast amounts of currency out of thin air as debt skyrockets.

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Kiyosaki breaks down his thoughts on whether or not we are entering into a recession or if we are currently in a depression.

Kiyosaki also talks about what he thinks will replace the old guard system, the massive bubble burst we are watching take place before our eyes and what we can do to insure our wealth rather than continue down the path of complete dependence.

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