Which Is Bigger, Which Is Smaller, The Bull Or The China Shop

Which Is Bigger, Which Is Smaller, The Bull Or The China Shop by Denis A. Conroy for The Saker

As secrecy, self-interest and corruption seem to be America’s trinity of evils, we need to be wary of the hologram that is shoved in our faces suggesting that American corporate capitalism is a force for good. On taking a closer look at the hologram we may observe the full-frontal image of three characters who are joined at the hip doing a soft shoe shuffle through the corridors of Econ Inc. They are the three incarnations of corporate power, secrecy, self-interest and corruption. As they cross our line of vision, we observe how coordinated, intimate and choreographed this Siamese-triplet routine has become. And if we are astute enough, we may well perceive the workings of America’s dark underbelly as bullish and asocial… a dynamo unto itself…a bull rampaging through a multi-polar China Shop.

Bill Clinton’s campaign slogan of 1992 took corporate America out of the subliminal closet; “It’s the economy, stupid”, did wonders for America’s unipolar constitution in suggesting that economics was the icing on the American cultural cake and therefore, in the hands of corporate America, capable of keeping the ‘folk’ immersed in the hee-haw hubris of hologrammatic exceptionalism forever. As the public had little knowledge of what Wall Street….et al…did, their role in the drama was to stand by and be available to support the emergence of the American Empire. In effect, an invocation to the so-called ‘sheeple’ people to place their trust in post-modern experts and bend a knee to economic patriotism.

Clearly, the masses mistook many glittering objects for gold in matters relating to the deregulated economy in 1992. However, sixteen years later came the 2008 financial crisis, the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression of 1929, where people soon discovered that their role as taxpayers was one which meant subsidizing the economic binge the latest experts were engaged in. To the great surprise of many, the shysters were bailed out, and irony of ironies, the foreclosed-upon masses were forced to grab their swag (their Matilda) and go find that elusive American dream under a bridge.

As the significance of the 2008 economic collapse was being ingested, Bill and Hillary Clinton had already established connections to Wall Street’s economic souffle-shuffle where profit was deemed the nectar par excellence and where the kippah (a garland of honour for some) seemed to hold its ground against all odds…no matter the state of the economy… suggesting that these economic wizards were irreplaceable because they, and only they, as experts, possessed the secret to making the ‘magic pudding.’ But to become an expert, one had first to pass through the portals of the Wall Street Lodge before being endowed with keys that opened the gates to pecuniary paradise.

After the collapse of Wall Street’s dicey economic scaffolding, came the realization that crooks were rewarded in America…the United Settlers of America… a nation of minions still in possession of Anglophilic notions of greatness (as witnessed when Donald Trump recently attended Fuckingham Palace for a round or two of ass-kissing) and as ass-kissing was more palatable an activity than storming the barricades, a bottom line (so to speak) was established to suit the needs of the minions…as storming the barricades was considered an unruly practice and one that less civilised people had recourse to… a home-grown Founding-Father apple-pie rule for the folk had to be adopted; “better the minion you know, than the minion you don’t know,” was spread about for the purpose of inoculating the public against the frippery of progressivism.

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