If Hillary Clinton & Deep State Crooks Aren’t Prosecuted, America Never Returns To ‘The Rule Of Law’

If Hillary Clinton & Deep State Crooks Aren’t Prosecuted, America Never Returns To ‘The Rule Of Law’ By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline

Shocking New Poll Hints Most Americans Are Petrified Of Learning The Truth About The Deep Corruption Within Long Trusted Institutions Such As The MSM, FBI And The DOJ


An absolutely perfect example of why so many Americans are so dumbed down in 2019 and so confused over what is ‘REAL news‘ and what is ‘FAKE news‘ comes to us today from a very real Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation meeting discussing weather modification programs, cloud seeding and other topics, topics long called ‘fake news‘ or ‘conspiracy theory‘ by the mainstream media. We’ve embedded a video of that meeting as the 1st video at the bottom of this story.

As Owen Shroyer had reported while documenting the event by livestream, it’s really time that everybody stops calling weather modification programs a ‘conspiracy theory‘, especially when an official government agency from the state of Texas tells us it’s real. Yet the masses must remain ‘dumbed down‘ to programs such as ‘weather modification‘ for the globalists to complete their agenda, even when the state of Texas’ TDLR has this announcement on their website.:

About Weather Modification – Focused efforts to produce additional rainfall using cloud seeding are widespread in much of West and South Texas during the growing season, which extends from early spring until autumn each year. In fact, areas where cloud seeding is concentrated covers about one-sixth of the land area of Texas. The seeding is done primarily for rainfall enhancement using aircraft and sophisticated weather radar data. Decisions to deploy aircraft and disperse seeding materials (both silver iodide and salts) are made by trained meteorologists licensed by TDLR specifically for weather modification. Aircraft are based at airports in various locations within the “target” areas of these projects, i.e. where the impact of seeding (more rainfall from thunderstorms) is intended.

TDLR’s weather modification program issues licenses and permits for these projects, almost all of which have been in operation for 20 years or longer. (ANP: Think about that! We’ve been lied to by the MSM about weather modification for OVER 20 YEARS!!!) The licenses attest to the credentials and experience of the meteorologists who direct the seeding operations, while the permits pertain to specific regions where seeding is intended and where aircraft may operate. A licensee may conduct more than one project, each of which requires that a specific permit be issued before seeding can begin. The aim of regulating weather modification in Texas is to ensure that various methods of modifying the weather do not dissipate clouds nor inhibit their ability to produce rainfall to the detriment of people or property in the affected areas.

TDLR’s program also assists individuals, organizations and governmental bodies in the design of cloud-seeding operations, as well as monitoring ongoing seeding activities to ensure compliance with permits and helping to evaluate the impact of the seeding on “target” and neighborhood areas. It also administers federal grants for exploratory, and confirmatory, cloud-seeding studies and shares information on technological advances with other State agencies, organizations, and interested individuals.

And look! They even have ‘weather modification regulations‘ with contact numbers and email address for anybody out there reading this who still cannot see the nose upon their faces and realize that the lies they’ve been told for decades by the MSM, that there is no such thing as ‘weather modification‘ or ‘man playing God with the weather‘, are just that, lies. Fake news. See why so many Americans can’t see the truth on other subjects when they’re being continually lied to by the mainstream media about topics such as ‘weather modification‘? Once again, from the state of Texas.:

Weather Modification Regulation

All individuals and organizations intending to conduct weather modification activities are required to obtain a weather modification license and permit from the TDLR. George Bomar (512-936-4313; George.Bomar@tdlr.texas.gov) is the contact person at TDLR for information on, and assistance with, the licensing and permitting of weather modification operations.

The Department relies on its staff, as well as the Weather Modification Advisory Committee, for recommendations on applications for weather modification licenses and permits. The Committee, consisting of an engineer, people in business, an attorney at law, and an agricultural producer, meets several times each year, usually in Austin, to review applications for licenses and permits.

For more information about the weather modification program, e-mail TDLR at weather.modification@tdlr.texas.gov.


We opened with that because it is the perfect example of why many Americans are now petrified of ‘fake news‘ and their OWN ability to distinguish between what is ‘real‘ and what is ‘fake‘ as we move on to an incredible survey recently done by the Pew Research Center. The June 5th story over at Axios which the Drudge Report had linked to as their main story throughout most of the day on Wednesday dropped a shocker upon us; more Americans are worried about ‘fake news‘ than terrorism in 2019.

Reporting that fake news‘ is not only undermining Americans trust in long-standing key US government institutions and the media, their story also reports that ‘fake news‘ undermines Americans confidence in other Americans as well. And most believe’fake news‘ impacts the ability of political leaders to get their own jobs done. And with Congress now at a national approval level of ONLY 20% according to this recent Gallup poll, more than 30% points LESS than President Trump’s current 50% approval rating at Rasmussen, Congress better start ‘speaking truth‘ themselves or they’ll be the ones who may soon find themselves in prison. Think about that, demonrats, as ‘unpopular‘ as you say President Trump is, you yourselves are MANY MORE TIMES unpopular! Let that sink in… traitors.

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