Russia-China SitRep: Double Helix Strategic Coordination

Russia-China SitRep: Double Helix Strategic Coordination by Larchmonter445 for The Saker

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The Earth shifted today in Moscow. Two great civilizations embodied in two superpower nations grew closer than ever. Their leaders signed a new document enshrining their deepening relationship. The Double Helix evolves in demonstrable ways.

President Xi and President Putin signed the multipage document (which clearly indicates more than just a terminology change from the former relationship title to the new one.)

“The comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination”, is the new appellation.

The key is coordination.

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One of the bases for this coordination is the personal relationship of the two Presidents. Today, in the meeting with the world press for the formal signing of the document, and thirty other agreements of projects and commercial development, President Xi referred to his relationship with President Putin as “my best friend”.

“President Putin has established a close working relationship and deep personal friendship,” he said.

So, atop the strategic coordination is a relationship that is a signal to all the government officials and business men on both sides of the strategic partnership that things are personal, intimate, vital.

President Xi aimed at the Hegemon his most important words:

Chinese President XI Jinping said that the world’s “raise your head” protectionism and the policy of hegemony, Russia and China as permanent members of the UN security Council should make efforts to protect international security.

“Currently, the international situation is experiencing unprecedented over the centuries, profound changes. Peace and development remain the trends of the time, but raise your head protectionism, unilateralism, increasing power politics and hegemonism” – said XI Jinping on Wednesday after Russian-Chinese talks.

According to him, “we have a big hard way to achieve peace and development, we, as a leading world powers and permanent members of the UN Security Council, China and Russia, along with the international community must show a sense of duty, determined to protect the international system (security) under the auspices of the UN, based on international law”.

XI Jinping spoke of the need to solve the problems occurring in “hot spots”, by political means, to safeguard the multilateral trading system.

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