California Is The Future The Liberal Elite Wants For You

California Is The Future The Liberal Elite Wants For You by Kurt Schlichter for The Burning Platform

California has morphed from paradise into a garbage state run by garbage people for their own garbage benefit and amusement. The “garbage” part is literal – once the Sierra Nevada mountains symbolized the state; now, towering heaps of trash and human waste do. Welcome to what the Democrats want for all of America. Just watch your step. Literally.

If it were not for the climate, something the liberals in charge of my state have nothing to do with as much as they think they do, it would likely be a nearly empty desert once again. But the sun shines, the beach beckons and the palm trees sway over a population of morons who keep electing proggy fascists to run the place. Which they are doing, right into the ground.

Where once people flocked to make their dreams come true, you now pay multiples more for a U-Haul heading out than heading in. The great California middle class, made up of the Normal people whose hard work and ingenuity made it the Golden State (even though Hollywood types got the publicity), is fleeing to places where they can afford to live, and where the government doesn’t hate them.

And hate them Sacramento does, targeting Normals with petty and not so petty attacks, from bans on straws and gun grabs to the threat of lifting the Proposition 13 caps on property taxes that keep millions of retirees from being tossed out of their homes when their annual bills go up 4000%. What would that mean? Well, when that modest ranch style you bought for $100,000 in 1985 gets reassessed to its current $1,000,000 value (something Prop 13 prevents), and the 1% Prop 13 tax rate goes to 3% or 4%, your tax bill goes from $1,000 a year to $30,000-$40,000. Remember that retirement you worked for? Well, now it will all go to subsidize the deadbeat government workers and welfare cheats that the California Democrats really represent.

No, that’s crazy talk! That would never happen!

Yeah? Just watch.

Already, petty crime has been effectively legalized. Crooks get a free pass on the first $950 a day they steal. The casual larceny and other offenses that make life unbearable are becoming more and more common as liberal laws release criminals to victimize regular citizens. This is known as “justice,” as if someone who steals from a hardworking businessman is being cruelly put out by being arrested for it.

And now pot’s effectively legal here, which is spectacular. Just what Cali needed – more people on a drug that makes them dumber and lazier.

Take a walk down the street and see the sights! Look, there’s a schizo with his cargo shorts around his ankles baying at the billboard informing you about how no human being is illegal! Oh, and there’s another homeless druggie muttering to himself about alien carrots stealing his vital essences as he pushes along his stolen shopping cart heaped with refuse. If you’re appalled or distressed by this, you’re the bad guy. Caring means letting lunatics and addicts wallow in the elements enslaved by their insanity and/or sickness. Shame on you for wanting your kids to be able to play outside. Hypodermic needles and piles of human waste on the sidewalk are just part of the price you must pay to dwell in the sun.

This does not go for the nice areas. The liberal poohbahs don’t play that in their neighborhoods. See how quick a mangy doper wandering through Bel Air gets swooped up by the 5-O. This kind of virtue is for yourneighborhood; in the ruling class enclaves they only do the signaling.

Take a drive down California’s famous freeways. Actually, not a drive – it’s really a crawl. Putting aside the potholes, there’s been a conscious decision to not improve traffic flow by making the roads wider to accommodate all the illegal foreigners that Sacramento has laid out the welcome mat for. This is intended to force us into public transportation, which the central planners love. After all, when we have cars we can decide where and when to go and they don’t get a veto. They hate that. Our independence and sovereignty gnaws at them.

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