1984 in 2019: Online Draconian Police State

1984 in 2019: Online Draconian Police State by Rory for The Daily Coin

Since October 2016 google, fakebook, twitter and youtube has systematically and, at times, coordinated attacks against conservative voices or voices with opinions and facts in which they disagree. The Daily Coin has suffered mightily at the hands of these tech overlords and google has all but wiped out any search results for The Daily Coin.

In 2016 over the course of 3 day period google de-indexed 135,000 pages of work. Since then they have effectively de-indexed every tag, every category and almost all of our work except for the absolute most recent work published. The good news is I have a folder showing upwards of 97% of these crimes and as soon as the antitrust and ricco trials begin I am fully armed and prepared to testify.

As most anyone with a TV, computer / phone or other digital device knows Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, along with several other people have been un-personed from online. This is a crime with implications that are beyond the pale. When I hear someone say something to the effect of “well, they shouldn’t say or do what they did.” I attempt to remind them of how all this works. First they come for someone in which you may or may not be aware of or agree with. Then they slip in and grab more, usually many more, people that you may or may not agree with but there is no direct correlation to your life, so, not a big deal. Then they grab a great many people that impact your life on the fringe, still not a big deal. Then they come for you. The “they” in all this is a brown shirt thug “just doing his job“. You know, like the people that put other people in furnaces during the 1930’s. They too, were just doing their job.

Now we come to, literally, today. Apparently there was video produced that was produced as a comedy skit. This video made the rounds through social media around the world. It depicted corrupt to the core, Nancy Pelosi as being drunk. With rumors flying around, and actual video evidence that brings the question to the table. I am not saying anything about Nancy Pelosi being drunk on video, I am saying there is video evidence that could make others question either her health or her ability to speak clearly.

The person that produced the video in question has now been attacked by the Daily Beast, an online something or another, and fakebook. This is corporations working in conjunction with one another to destroy a persons life. This is criminal and should be treated as such.

In the video below Tucker Carlson does what he does best – exposes the truth to the light of day. With the volume of websites, social media and videos that I read, listen to or otherwise interact on a daily basis, I somehow missed the video in question.

Beginning at approximately the 14:53 mark Tucker explains the situations and explains how dangerous all this is to you and me and the future of free speech, not just in America but around the world.

Tucker Carlson Tonight 6/4/19

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