Special China SITREP & Analysis

Special China SITREP & Analysis by Larchmonter445 for The Saker

SitRep: China Trade, South China Sea-One China Defense and Asian Civilizations Dialogue

Four major events in a cluster, one to come this week.

The percipient point of view about China under Chairman Xi (more powerful than Mao, though far less charismatic) is that China will not retreat from its destiny.

Any notion that China would cave to Donald Trump’s demands in the Trade negotiations of the past year (yes it’s been a year with 11 face-to-face meetings of the highest level operatives on both sides, one step below Presidents for each team) is faulty thinking on two levels.

President Xi understands that Trump was setting him up for the Art of the Close. Trump wins by changing, demanding, insisting on winning any deal he makes. The Donald always takes the flesh with the blood. And he sometimes walks away until he gets the bone with the flesh. But those are business deals. Nothing in real estate development is necessary. Running the US economy within the Global interconnected economy is a completely different deal.

Trump is in this to come away a winner by forcing self-containment of China economically. If the deal on the table the Chinese just refused and left there had been accepted by President Xi, the Politburo in Zhongnanhai would have removed Xi from power. The Xi power is unlimited by Time. He’s there for life. But it is a System that leaves the Circuit Breaker of Wisdom and Ideological Foundation in the hands of the Politburo.

The moment came for the deal to be analyzed from a three-sixty spherical point of view. What would be the ramifications within the Chinese domestic situation, between the trade partners of China (USA, EU, Asian) and what would remain of the Supply Chains intrinsic to China’s development?

The demands by the Americans touched the nerve center of CCP power as rulers of PRC. It demanded laws be written (dictated by US in the deal) which would have been the weapons of enforcement triggering penalties for any backsliding by China. These laws would act the way the US dictates to the Yeltsin-Gorbachev administrations acted on the Russian economy and society. Those US advisements crippled the domestic development, led to the wealth rape by oligarchs and set in place the plethora of NGOs that have torn up the educational and scientific sectors of Russia, and they bought time and space for the Liberals to share power and operate as a Fifth Column, largely through the Media that massaged the masses into dreams of European splendor, US freedom and democracy, while drugging with alcohol and hard opiates the nation’s manpower into morbidity and stupor.

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