Steve Bannon Explains How The EU Is Coming Unglued While Coming Together

Steve Bannon Explains How The EU Is Coming Unglued and Coming Together by Rory for The Daily Coin

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Steve Bannon shows why thinking people respect and listen to him. He has been on the ground for the past two weeks discussing sovereignty with all the people that care to discuss the single most important issue of our time – open borders, border jumpers and national sovereignty. Pay attention to how Mr. Bannon respectfully corrects Ms. MacCallum when she misspeaks about how we got here, what is happening and where we are headed.

Mr Bannon does a masterful job of explaining how the EU is not going to implode or go away, but is going to morph into what it should be – a group of nations that work together while maintaining their individual identity – without all the illegal border jumpers ruining their national identity.

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