10 Things To Do When A Stranger Knocks On Your Door

10 Things To Do When A Stranger Knocks On Your Door by Ken Jorgustin for Modern Survival Blog

Why would someone knock on my door late at night?

What to do if a stranger knocks on your door at night, or a stranger ringing your doorbell?

UPDATE: First I am going to address this question directly and re-post this article (with the 10 general tips afterwards). Because most people are concerned with the “late at night” aspect!

Here’s how to handle the situation when someone (a stranger) is knocking on your door, specifically late at night:

Should you answer the door?

DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR! Anyone who is ringing your doorbell or knocking on your door late at night or early morning hours is in a very high percentile of being up to no good. In fact the intentions may be very bad. Okay, if it’s your trusted neighbor with an emergency, I get it.

Should you pretend not to be home?

NO! This might be just the thing they’re hoping for, and proceed to break in!

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What should you do?

YELL THROUGH THE DOOR, “WHO’S THERE?!” or something like that. This indicates you’re home, and you’ve not opened the door (which sends the message that you’re not gullible).

There may be a ‘setup’ going on. One person at the door claiming to need some assistance while others are off to the side waiting for the door to open so they can burst in.

NOTE: Elderly are particularly vulnerable. Sadly for some, dementia may be setting in, and potential poor judgement. Elderly may also be more vulnerable to opening the door. Perhaps gullible.

There’s nothing inside your home or assistance that you can provide a stranger who is knocking on your door at night claiming to need something. Nearly everyone today has a cell phone. If they truly need assistance, they could have called 911 for example. So don’t fall for “I need to use your phone!”. Or “I’m injured and need help!” What help could you possibly provide?

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