Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/25/19 (Video)

Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/25/19 (Video) by Fox News

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The opening segment is brutal and spot on. As Tucker Carlson points out – the people that are supposedly representing you and I are calling for impeachment because of a call of missing lines in one report and out of their collective minds because President Trump just announced that ALL documents surrounding the russia-did-it investigation will be released. There will be redactions, as there should be, however, the bulk of the documents – the meat-and-potatos – will be released to the rightful owners, the American people, you and I. This is making the deep state crazy.

This will not only prove there is in fact a shadow government, but it will completely and absolutely expose Obama, Hillary and all their minions within the shadow government. We are already seeing these criminal filth turn on one-another. Wait until there is some actual meat on the bone and the people get a belly full of truth about how deeply corrupt our government has become.

Somebody needs to get the guillotine polished, as treason carries a very high cost.

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