Celente: An Oil Shock Could Be the Black Swan That Finally Drives Gold Higher (Podcast)

How Election Effects Economy - Gerald Celente

Celente: An Oil Shock Could Be the Black Swan That Finally Drives Gold Higher Podcast by Mike Gleason for Money Metals

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Coming up the top trends forecaster Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal joins me to discuss a myriad of topics. Gerald gives us more insight on why the precious metals are struggling, why he recently changed his economic forecast and also shares why he believes a continuation of the rising tensions in both Venezuela and the Middle East could lead to a spike in oil prices that the world simply cannot afford. Don’t miss another wonderful interview with the great Gerald Celente, coming up after this week’s market update.

As global stock and commodity markets gyrate, gold and silver markets are gaining some safe haven strength.

Gold prices moved back into positive territory on Thursday but is little changed for week now. The yellow metal is up a slight 0.4% since last Friday’s close to trade at $1,284 per ounce.

Silver has been beaten down this spring but is at least showing some signs of life here during the later part of the week, or at the very least has appeared to stabilize a bit. The white metal is now up a 0.9% for the week to bring spot prices to $14.61 an ounce.

Turning to the platinum group metals, platinum registers a weekly loss of 2.2% to trade at $805. And finally, palladium shows a 0.7% decline to come in at $1,332 per ounce as of this Friday morning recording.

Crude oil prices plunged 8% this week on the heels of rising U.S. inventories and fears that trade wars will crimp global demand. An even more dramatic move was seen earlier this week in some of the so-called rare earth metals. Rare earths and related equities catapulted to the upside as rumors spread that China may seek to restrict exports of these critical elements.

News Reporter: There’s speculation that rare earth elements will act as the next bargaining chip for China in the ongoing trade war with the U.S. after President Xi Jinping visited a local company specializing in the sector earlier this week.

David Stringer – Bloomberg News: Rare earths are a collection of about 17 elements. And when they’re processed in their mineral form, they turn into these industrial chemicals that are absolutely critical for things like magnets and motors used right across the electronics sphere. These are things that are contained in missiles to electric vehicles to wind turbines and consumer electronics. They really are absolutely ubiquitous throughout the devices that we carry around and rely on. So clearly, any move to restrict exports out of China, to restrict the flow of these materials into the U.S. would be very problematic for the U.S. The US relies on China for about 80% of its imports of rare earths.

Beijing currently has a stranglehold on over 80% of the global market for rare earth metals. The Chinese have previously leveraged their near total control to win concessions in geopolitical clashes. In 2010, China briefly blocked exports to Japan over a territorial dispute.

Trade wars can quickly escalate into resource wars. With U.S. domestic oil production continuing to rise, America is relatively secure on the energy front – at least for now. But when it comes to rare earth metals and precious metals, the country remains heavily reliant on output from hostile and unstable countries including China, Russia, and South Africa.

South Africa is a major supplier of gold and the world’s leading producer of both platinum and palladium. But in recent months, mining output there has been declining.

Fears of a chronic supply deficit drove palladium to record highs earlier this year. No such move has occurred in the other precious metals. But they too face potential long-term supply shortfalls.

Many mining industry analysts believe peak gold and peak silver have arrived. If so, then global production of precious metals will enter a period of annual declines. Prices are disconnected from this fundamental threat. The currently low prices further disincentivize exploration and development of new mines.

At under $15.00 an ounce, some primary silver mines are actually producing at a loss. This situation obviously can’t sustain itself for long.

Historically, when a metal sells for right near its cost of production, it tends to be a good long-term buy. But the silver market will put your patience to the test. Lately, it’s been consigned to the bargain bin.

It won’t stay there forever. But for those who simply want to accumulate ounces of hard money at the lowest cost, the bargain bin is the place to shop.

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Well now, without further delay, let’s get right to this week’s exclusive interview.

Gerald Celente

Mike Gleason: It is my privilege now to welcome in Gerald Celente, publisher of the renowned Trends Journal. Mr. Celente is perhaps the most well-known trends forecaster in the world and a regular guest on many financial programs, including right here on the Money Metals Podcast.

Mr. Celente, it’s a pleasure as always, and thank you for joining us again.

Gerald Celente: Always my pleasure to be on, thank you.

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