YouTube & Facebook Do NOT Want You To See This! – Bill OTTMAN CEO of (Video)

YouTube & Facebook Do NOT Want You To See This! – Bill OTTMAN CEO of Video by WAM

Minds .com is a crowd funded social media network built on the blockchain that is an anti-surveillance, anti-censorship, and anti-“big tech” platform that ensures that no one party controls your online presence.

They get into what set apart from Facistbook and talk about their roadmap for the future.

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Minds pays content creators and users and create a much more open and honest frame work then Facebook (that’s not hard to do).

We also get into the shananigans facebook is up to including the lengths they go to stop people from posting minds links to facistbook. Ultimately our attention is valuable and spending the most valuable resource we have: our time and data is what gives the tech oligopolies their value.

Start small and try to make an effort to use decentralized platforms as much as possible. I’m just as guilty as the next person when it comes to this but I am trying. Tim’s links will be in the comments so make sure to enter the weekly raffle and to follow us on Minds. Tim has also provided links to the Brave Browser and Presearch to help break google’s stranglehold.

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