Leftist Celebrity Activism Is A Lie, Exposing The Hypocrisy (Video)

Leftist Celebrity Activism Is A Lie, Exposing The Hypocrisy Video by Tim Pool

Liberal Celebrity Activism Is A Lie / Exposing Celebrity Hypocrisy. Recently on MSNBC Actor Jeff Daniels was promoting a play on Broadway and went on to disparage Trump and his supporters.

But Why?

Why should we care about a leftist celebrity opinion on the president? Why is he even talking about it? Because he is promoting a product, like most celebrities. Many of these far left personalities are simply trying to build a fan base, this is what celebrities are, marketing tools for brands.

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Movies hire them to sell tickets so of course they want to say whatever they can to make themselves more appealing. Now most A-Listers seem to avoid getting overtly political because they have mass appeal. but these C_list types are desperate and will say whatever they can to drum up a base, activism is an easy path.

When put up to the fire many of these Celebrities break and don’t actually stand by their claims. The calls for social justice and left wing policy fall apart when we see how they really live and act.

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