Georgia Guidestones: Globalist “Sustainability” Insanity

Georgia Guidestones: Globalist “Sustainability” Insanity By Liberty Sentinel Staff for Liberty Sentinel

The Georgia Guidestones are basically a sugar-coated road-map to global mass murder and tyranny.

Get rid of 6.5 billion people? Check. World government and world courts? Check. “Guide reproduction” like a National Socialist Nazi? Check. Eliminate God and worship the idol of “reason”? Check.

The globalist ideology behind this abomination is currently making swift progress. This evil theology is at the heart of the United Nations Agenda 2030 and so-called “Sustainable Development.”

It is basically a direct assault on all that God has commanded and ordained, beginning with the command to be fruitful and multiply.

All God-fearing, freedom-loving peoples must resist this evil.

The Liberty Sentinel’s Alex Newman was recently at the Georgia Guidestones. In this video, he breaks it all down — at least when the wind isn’t talking over him!

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