Vaccine Reality: 600% Increase in Autism Since 1990 – 4 Measles Related Deaths in 26 Years

Vaccine Reality: 600% Increase in Autism Since 1990 – 4 Measles Related Deaths in 26 Years by Corey Lynn for Corey’s Digs

TDC Note – Once you are injected with something it will never, ever entirely leave your system. It will travel into the deepest cells of your body at the nano level. It will never, ever entirely leave your system.

The 600% increase in autism was between 1990 and 2012 – my guess is the number continues to climb since vaccines continue to be a bigger part of the landscape. Oh, the measles death rate is up-to-the-minute.


Forced vaccines, quarantines, and states frothing at the mouth to pass legislation and take away your rights –  over 1 in 383,000 who contracted measles during the U.S. “measles outbreak” in 2019. Your odds of contracting measles – a virus that typically disappears in two to three weeks, in which there have only been 4 measles-related deaths over a 26-year stint – are substantially less than dying in a cataclysmic storm, or your voice being censored by social media, which is the true crisis. In ‘Measles, Masterminds & Millions’ 6-part investigative report, we’ve covered a lot of ground on the measles outbreak, cash flow, how the vaccine industry operates, and actual statistics taken straight from the CDC reports – statistics MSM doesn’t care to report on. This final report covers the recent exploitation of human beings by the vaccine industry and government.

Reminder: According to the CDC, 77 of those that had contracted the measles in 2019, were already vaccinated.

• Mandatory vaccines were forced on children in Brooklyn, NY, and if parents refused they were fined $1000
• College student were quarantined at UCLA for 21 days over one person contracting the measles
• Manufactured panic has created a swath of new vaccine bills in over 30 states
• IL, NY, and MA are trying to pass the controversial Gardasil HPV vaccine, made by Merck, to become mandatory for children
• 3-Time loser Monsanto just lost another case with a $2 billion jury verdict and 13,400 more cases to go

Part I: The Clintons Masterminded The Mandatory Free “Vaccines for Children” (VFC) Program in 1994
Part II: Big Discrepancies & Misrepresentations in Reporting on The Measles “Outbreak”
Part III: The Vaccine Compensation Program Has Doled Out $4.1 Billion and Obama Added More Vaccines to Government Protected List in Dec. 2016
Part IV: The Clintons, Big Pharma, and Government Taking it to The Bank
Part V: Lawsuits Against Merck, Including a Suit from Their Own Scientists on The MMR Vaccine

Forced Vaccines, Quarantines, and New Laws Passed Over This “Outbreak”

In February 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said that the federal government may take action if states don’t adjust lax vaccine exemption laws. In March 2019, Gottlieb steppeddown, and was replaced by Acting Commissioner Norman E. “Ned” Sharpless on April 5, 2019. CNBC reported, “And his unexpected departure, just two months after denying plans to step down, fanned speculation that he was at odds with the Trump administration and forced out like so many other top officials over the last two years.” Yet Trump tweeted that Gottlieb “has done an absolutely terrific job,” adding “he and his talents will be greatly missed.” There were also reports speculating on Gottlieb’s comprehensive plan he proposed on regulating the tobacco industry. While it’s unclear as to the exact reason for his resignation, his threat to take action on vaccines at a federal level, raised some eyebrows. And, legislation is now taking place on a state level to remove people’s religious and philosophical exemptions.

On April 19, 2019 Judge Lawrence Knipel ruled to uphold mandatory measles vaccinations in Brooklyn, New York, against five parents’ who had filed a lawsuit claiming the city had overstepped its authority. A week prior, mandatory vaccinations were ordered, and if parents refused to have their children vaccinated they would be fined $1,000. If the parents were summoned to court and did not appear, they would be fined $2,000.

Measles cases began in October 2018, and according to the New York Department of Health, as of April 19ththey had recorded 359 cases of measles, most of which were in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities in Brooklyn.

The “outbreak” has created such a scare that state lawmakers in Wisconsin are proposing a vaccination billthat would allow trained pharmacists to give shots to younger children with a doctor’s prescription. Whereas Wisconsin currently has strict laws that only allow pharmacists to administer vaccines to children younger than six if they have formed a collaboration with a local physician, this new bill would allow them to immunize all ages without a prescription.

In an unusual twist, on April 23, 2019 the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services discussed a bill that would penalize doctors who refused to see patients who chose not to vaccinate. Of course, some doctors argue this could be dangerous for other patients.

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