Professor Laurence Kotlikoff & Chris Waltzek Ph.D. (Podcast)


Professor Laurence Kotlikoff & Chris Waltzek Ph.D. Podcast for Radio Gold Seek


  • Professor Laurence Kotlikoff, from and author of the FREE book: You’re Hired!
  • Our guest created a new program to assist investors with retirement via a scientific method, MAXIFI.
  • The proprietary algorithm runs 500 Monte Carlo simulations per client over a 70 year period using their utility function.
  • Dr. Kotlikoff shares his unique perspective on the 2008-2009 Great Recession.
  • He notes situation was panic fomented by short-sellers who says benefited financially from sharp market price declines.
  • MAXIFI is a fail-proof financial system, curtailing leverage to nearly zero w/ mutual-fund based investments.
  • It shields investors from individual security risk, spreading the probability of total loss among diverse asset classes.
  • Dr. Kotlikoff suggests that Senator, Professor Elizabeth Warren champion this economic proposal.
  • Dr. Warren proposes research efforts to protect investors from similar financial crises.
  • Dr. Kotlikoff calculates the National Debt at $240 trillion in total US debt / financial obligations, about 12 times the annual domestic GDP.

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