Christian Genocide: No War On Christians


Christian Genocide: No War On Christians by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

Two absolutely incredible segments on Tucker Carlson aired on May 21, 2019. Tammy Bruce, a personal favorite delivers a message of hope and humanity. She and Tucker discuss the true essence of collapse – spiritual warfare. Tammy’s approach is from a different perspective than my own, but at the end of the day our views are 100% aligned – without God, Jesus Christ, we are going to fail.

The segment close to the end of the show, featuring Juliana Taimoorazy, President, Iraqi Christian Relief Council, when the two discuss the effects from the Iraqi war – the invasion by the US military industrial complex – and the destruction of world history, the Christian community that has been all but wiped off the face of the earth and the effects this is having on the nation, the region and the world. They also discuss what has happened with the Christian community in Syria and how that community, under the hateful eye of the US military industrial complex has all but wiped out the Christian community there as well.

Almost 2.5 million Christians have been slaughtered in these two nations since 2003 – that’s 156,250 each year or 13,020 each month or 428 each and every day for 16 years. I don’t remember any of the corporate media saying a word. I don’t remember the corporate media calling for a national day of prayer. I don’t remember any church, the pope-on-dope or any Christian leader even acknowledging what has happened. Did anyone even notice? Did anyone notice the disappearance of the churches, the Christian business’s, schools, communities and Christian people? No one – I mean no one noticed nor said a word.

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