And Then They Came For The Valet….Serva Transport Systems (Video)

And Then They Came For The Valet….Serva Transport Systems Video from Behold The Future

Automated Guided Vehicles – Hardware and Software from a Single Source.
At serva transport systems we develop, design, produce and distribute autonomous transport systems. Whether intelligent parking robots or complex intralogistical material flow systems – our technology combines convenience and efficency along with ergonomy and variability.

This revolutionary automatic parking system provides maximum comfort for the users while delivering the most efficient use of parking space.

We make parking at airports, shopping centers, car parks, and other public places like coming home.

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Parking in public parking structures is typically far from pleasurable. Outdated parking garages, highly utilized car parks in need of more space and larger cars make parking a real challenge in urban areas for many drivers. With RAY™, you can offer a unique service that makes it easy and convenient to park – just like parking in one’s own personal garage.

he comfortable transfer station offered by RAY™ allows for driving straight into a broad, brightly-lit environment as opposed to an often cramped and dimly-lit garage. Customers can easily enter and exit the car without the risk of damaging their own or other cars. All doors can be fully opened and the vehicle can be easily loaded or unloaded. Whether for SUV or small cars, the comfortable transfer station makes every parking maneuver easy in a space that’s always wheelchair accessible. Place the comfortable transfer station by RAY™ near your entrance area and give your customers shortest walking distances.

We park for you! Customers just leave their car, get the ticket – and that’s it. Parking is done by RAY™.

RAY™ uses principles from material logistics and deposits vehicles with maximum efficiency. RAY™ sorts vehicles by size and expected retrieval time and parks them in a multi-depth, lateral arrangement (stacks). As vehicles can be parked in closer proximity with no need for door opening space, up to 60% more vehicles can be accommodated as compared to conventional parking configurations.

In contrast with other automated parking systems, RAY™ recognizes the size (length and width) of the vehicle to be parked and selects the corresponding most economical parking space to eliminate idle spaces.

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