The World Begins To Reject Globalism (Video)

The World Begins To Reject Globalism Video by X22 Report

TDC Note – Yes, the world is rejecting globalism as we have been reporting for the past year. We have also been saying their is a surge in Christianity. Brexit, Salvini, Balosanoro, Trump, LePen and what’s happening with Greece turning to China and Russia, Austria turning right, Spain turning right – all of these and many more signs have painted a picture easy to see and read.


The BREXIT party is getting very close to winning, if they win come this May 31, Nigel Farage will push for a no-deal BREXIT. Control is returning to people. In Australia the MSM was completely wrong and Morrison won the election. Nations are rejecting globalism and Merkel has lumped the US with China and Russia. Trump in his UN speech said he rejects globalism.

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Dave’s Bio: I am 49 years old and I have children. I lived in NY and I was there for 911 and the North East blackout. I lost my job in 2008 and was laid off. Since 2008 I have been prepping. My wife, kids and I try to eat organic and we try to avoid all chemicals in foods. We make our own bread, food and pizza from scratch. I have a technology background and have worked for large financial institutions. My main job was securing the systems from viruses and hackers and maintaining the trading systems so the money flowed from system to system. I have tried talking to friends and relatives about what was going on but every time I talked about the government, FED and the economic collapse they looked at me like I was crazy. I decided to start a website and broadcast to the world what was going on. I didn’t really think that anyone would really listen to what I was saying when I started it was just a way to get the word out and get it off my chest. I realized as the cost of everything continually increases it is getting harder and harder to live the life of my parents and grandparents. I realized if we all don’t do something our children will not have the opportunities and freedoms the way the founding fathers envisioned.