How the Trade War Affects Gold – Weekly Wrap-Up (Podcast)

Craig Hemke & Eric Sprott

How the Trade War Affects Gold – Weekly Wrap-Up Podcast by Sprott Money

Precious metals prices took a roller coaster ride this week as the trade war with China gained heat. What can we expect in the weeks ahead? Eric Sprott is back with all the gold and silver news you need, including:

• Why performance isn’t matching interest

• The remarkable numbers out of India—and what it means for you

• Plus: Is Nazi gold being used to manipulate price?

“We see evidence of world trade slowing down. We see it in airport traffic. We see it in ship traffic. We see it in truck haulage in the United States. We saw it in retail sales this month,that we’re down .2%. So there are many, many indications that a slowness is taking hold here. And, of course, the more the trade war manifests itself—i.e. we put on the tariffs and people start having to pay more for the same goods—that is not going to be a good situation. And, of course, the worst part about it all: the government takes in the tariff, and the people pay it. And the people that are paying it are the people who can’t afford it… It’s not a good situation that we have.”

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