Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/16/19 (Video)

Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/16/19 Video by Fox News

by Rory for The Daily Coin – Tucker continues the series on homelessness and in this episode the city of Eugene, Or there is actually a little hope that is presented. A local organization is actually making an attempt to assisting some of the people and making an honest effort at rehabilitation to help people get off drugs and off the street. Of course it is a private organization as government is only interested in taking your labor, called taxes, and giving it to someone undeserving in the form of “job” for their family and friends.

The segment covering Bill de Blasio running for President exposes the self centeredness, self serving and deeply corrupt government, not only of New York City, but all major cities and communities. Obama made corruption the law of the land and we are now seeing the dramatic affects all across the country. Obama said he was going to change the country, and boy did he ever.

The opening segment covers the changes to the ACT test in which your score will now be based on how destitute or affluent you are. What neighborhood you live in, did you come from a broken family, number of siblings, total household income and other completely subject-able and corruptible criteria. Heather McDonald, who has study diversity more than most, offers her take on exactly how broken and criminal this change is to the college entrance system. Once again the left has taken something “beautiful” and beneficial and destroyed it. That is, literally, all they know how to do any more. If you don’t believe me simply look at the major changes in society, not business, but social changes, over the 3-4 decades and explain to me their origin – I would bet an once of gold to a dime the change was instigated by a so-called “progressive liberal”. And then tell me the impact on society.

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